WIT Conferences Focus on Sustainable Development in 2017

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research organization that is committed to developing mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of information between academics and professionals. Their primary means of accomplishing this mission is to host an extensive annual conference program. The institute host conferences on a whole range of fields. The fields range from engineering to ecology. However, the 2017 conference schedule is dedicated to sustainable development and planning.  See also www.theweek.co.uk

Many of the Wessex conferences in 2017 are being held in Spain. In late April there will be conferences held in Cadiz, Spain which will focus on air pollution and coastal cities.In early June there will be conferences held in Seville, Spain which will focus on Water & Society and Disaster Management. The institute advertises the conferences along with a call for papers to be shared. These conferences are instrumental in the exchange of information.