Wikipedia Seeks To Prioritize Wiki Pages For Indigenous People

Wikipedia is on a mission to enhance its coverage of indigenous people. Any person is able to edit the site. However, Wikipedia has little content on the indigenous people. For instance, Esther Belin is a winner of the Pushcart Prize for her exceptional work as a poet and multimedia artist, yet Wikipedia does not have an article about her. Sherman Alexie, a bestselling author named her as one of his favorite poets. She is not the only Native American that does not have her work on Wikipedia. For this reason, the foundation that controls Wikipedia is inviting people to contribute towards creating more content about indigenous people.
In a Wikiconference North America, held in October, participants were invited to be part of an Indigenous People’s Day. The edit-a-thon event participants endeavored to create Wiki articles on Native Americans and other indigenous people. The organizers’ objective was to encourage people to write more articles about tribes, historical figures, and movements. They also aimed at creating new and noteworthy articles.

In a study conducted in 2015 on how editors represent cultures and places across the world, it was established that local users rarely work on projects about their culture. Researchers from the University of Oxford undertook the research. The representation in high- income countries was disproportional with broadband availability, which also influences the participation of an editor. Additionally, Wikipedia’s policies can hold back the creation of pages that have content on indigenous people. This information was originally reported on as explained on this link

The knowledgeable Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki make the process of creating a wiki page easy. Moreover, they provide endless benefits and opportunities for an individual or a business’ online presence. Professionals create such pages using accurate information. Additionally, Get Your Wiki provides consultations on the best practices of Wikipedia. Other services offered at the entity include Wikipedia monitoring services. Experts keep away malicious edits. They also offer Wikipedia translations. This information was originally published on Get Your Wiki as elaborated on the link below
The organization that manages Wikipedia has developed Objective Revision Evaluation Service, a new artificial intelligence tool for editing. It is meant to enhance creativity among Wikipedia’s large team of volunteer software builders. The tool solves two issues simultaneously. It solves the problem of damaging Wikipedia edits, particularly those that affect the credibility of the encyclopedia. It also addresses the issue of putting off new contributors that make bad edits though with good intentions. The model aims at identifying all types of damage. This information was originally mentioned on the Observer as highlighted in the following link

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