Whitney Wolfe Builds Amazing Dating Apps

When it comes to building dating apps there are entrepreneurs that get it, and there are others that do not. There are a ton of dating apps in the app store for Apple and Android users that the average person has never heard of.

Tinder is one of those popular dating apps that many people around the world have become fans of. Whitney Wolfe was the co-founder of Tinder, and once she left Wolfe moved on and created her own dating app called Bumble.

It appears that Whitney Wolfe is one of the entrepreneurs that understands what it takes to lure people to dating apps. This is her second successful dating app, and that is a rare thing in the dating app world. There are very few entrepreneurs that have been able to be leave one dating app company and move right along to another one. Whitney Wolfe, however, has managed to do this with a great level of success, and it appears that she is just getting started.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is lure people to her company with the dating app. Many people think that this is just another company that is going to compete with eHarmony, Match and Tinder and all the other dating apps that are out there. It is true that this is one aspect of what Whitney Wolfe is trying to do, but that is only a small fraction of what she is interested in doing with Bumble.

What Whitney Wolfe would wanted to do is create a social media platform that envelops every need that men and women may desire when they log onto an app. They will not have to go out and create multiple accounts with Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to connect with their various friends and various groups.