USHealth Group Products Elevate Company’s Portfolio and Earn Consumer’s Further Trust

USHEALTH Group has earned the trust of its members, for 50 years and is one of the most-valued insurance companies throughout the country. With leading products that are already unmatched by competitors within the industry, USHEALTH Group continues to innovate better medical plans to meet the needs of their growing membership.


While insurance companies are exiting the health care sector altogether, USHEALTH Group has risen to the occasion to implement various new products, for the consumer. During the height of the Affordable Care Act, USHEALTH Group has not only remained true to a commitment to its members, the company committed to expanding its products even further. USHEALTH Group has continued to build a portfolio of products that provide valuable benefits and solutions to members.


Products such as ValueChoice and ValueCare were introduced to the health care sector, at a time when the need was great and the choices were uncertain, for consumers to select a product, which they could depend upon. Products such as those created cost-effective alternatives and enriched the awareness of consumers, for having high-quality benefits that could be relied upon, when needed.


USHEALTH Group spent a half-year with distribution partners to determine the best products that could be useful within the health care market. The steps taken by USHEALTH Group to enhance their portfolio has demonstrated their long-term commitment, to members and their families, that the company is willing and ready to always meet individual needs in an ever-changing health care marketplace.


In 2016, USHEALTH Group was bestowed the honor of receiving the Gold Stevie Award, for Company of the Year. Stevie awards are considered one of the most-prestigious honors among businesses world-wide. Among 3,400 nominations, USHEALTH Group was chosen as the winner because of a consistent innovative approach towards creating products that consumers depend upon, trust and value. In addition, USHEALTH Group’s Advisors were the recipient of the Silver Stevie Award, further demonstrating that the company has out-shined many within the marketplace.


With every insurance company, there is always a product that can be offered which has some value, however, the portfolio of products that USHEALTH Group continues to provide to members are measured by the company’s own standards of excellence. USHEALTH Group remains committed to delivering products that provide valuable options, enhances overall protection, and offering products that are flexible in cost to meet consumer needs.


In 2014, USHEALTH Group appointed CEO Troy McQuagge to lead the company after his four year tenure as President of USHEALTH Group’s Advisors. Mr. McQuagge has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry and has led the company to heightened achievements using innovation and customer focus. USHEALTH Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas and has an estimated 15 million membership nationwide.