Under New Management – Desiree Perez to Revive Tidal

Desiree Perez is one of the people who make keep the wheels of the entertainment industry. She portrays the serious face of the industry, and top celebrities trust her with their businesses’ success. Acclaimed rapper Jay Z already trusts her with two of his designer wear companies, and most recently with the popular music streaming service Tidal.


A Dire Situation

Tidal has been facing numerous challenges in the recent past. Its greatest problem has been fading popularity with customers. This, consequently, has resulted in serious cash problems which have attracted preying competitors looking to acquire the company.

However, Jay Z has been reluctant to let his company go and instead chosen to place it under Desiree Perez’s leadership. Perez already successfully manages his Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports designer wear companies, and Jay Z hopes that she will do the same with Tidal. Perez has already settled into her new job, and Tidal is already making some explosive changes designed to get it back to the top of the pack.

A New Look

Tidal has a new exciting look that is instantly visually appealing. It is neat, colorful, and easy to navigate. It reflects the user’s taste of music, and the company will be continually revamping it.   Read related articles on tumblr.com.


Tidal’s major and most strategic move was changing its music catalogue. Rather than function like a vast music library offering virtually every song, it has refined its inventory to include music that is more in trend today. Variety is also guaranteed as the songs fall under three categories.

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Tidal Discovery contains new releases that most people may not know yet. Tidal Rising serves both artists and listeners as it focuses on emerging and rising artists. Finally, Tidal X offers a more close-up experience to listeners as it covers live performances only.

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