Travel Destinations you Cannot Afford Missing out Recommended by Surf Air.

Maybe you have forgotten that the Memorial Day Weekend is swiftly approaching. This is a weekend that you should not spend with the usual noise and distraction from the crowds and other people around. You should consider getting on a vacation where you can have your space to relax in a serene place with minimal disturbance. However, this should not put a burden on your shoulders to start brainstorming on the places to which you could Vacate. This is because Surf Air has done all the work for you. All the research regarding the best destinations has been done, and so all that you need to do is get ready and have fun out there. Some of the prime locations that Surf Air recommends for you are:

Lake Tahoe
You can’t get enough of the glittering of the crystal blue waters of the lake. There, a lot of fun activities are available for mind relaxation. One of the main activities is boat riding. You may opt to spend the whole of the weekend on speedboats or just relaxing on the dock. Besides the outdoor activities, there is a restaurant and casinos that nearby and hence no reason to get bored on the site.

Santa Barbara
The chances of it being beach weather on the Memorial Day are very high. In case this happens, the most memorable and remarkable moments would be spending the weekend at the American Rivera, one of our best local beach hotel. The hotel is located on the coastline in Santa Barbara. To get there has been made easier by Surf Air because all you need is to quickly jump on a flight to Santa Barbara Airport. At American Rivera, you are certain to enjoy scrumptious food and wine and also make a bunch of new friends.

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