Tony Petrello: Achieving The American Dream

The pursuit of success is a key component in realizing the American dream. Although to many this dream may seem increasingly elusive, Anthony Petrello has managed to go beyond simply achieving it. His early life was characterized by a working-class environment. He was able to work his way through an impressive educational career before expanding out and grasping an astounding amount of success.

Anthony Petrello’s education began at public schools in Newark, New Jersey. While a student he was described as outgoing and sociable. He had no difficulty making fast friends with anyone he was around. However, it wasn’t his typical New Jersey ‘go-getter’ mentality that originally brought him center stage in people’s minds, it was another fascinating gift. Petrello displayed an incredible ability with mathematics. This gift was so atypical that it earned him local fame.

This gift was impossible not to notice. Yale University took note and jumped at the opportunity to offer Petrello a scholarship. This opportunity was just what he needed to propel himself fuller in life. His college education was characterized with Success as Petrello explored his talent and considered how best to apply it in his life. After some time he developed close relationship with one of his professors, Serg Lang. This professor quickly took an interest in Petrello and decided to mentor him. Their friendship lasted long after Petrello left Yale.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Yale Petrello made a decision that surprised many. He would pursue law instead of Mathematics. He enrolled in Yale’s law school where he graduated in the 1970’s. From there he joined a firm specializing in business law. The world of business began to spark an interest in Petrello from the moment he began. He excelled at his position at the law firm and worked with them passionately until he was ultimately recruited by a client, Nabors Industries.

The account was serviced by Petrello’s firm and his ability to make a lasting impression convinced them that they had to have him on board. He began his work with Nabors Industries as an executive but by 1991 he was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Of course, Petrello is one to shoot for excellence and he easily managed to impress them further. It was no much longer before he was considered for more prominent roles with the company. Petrello was later named the CEO and also elected chairman of the board where he used his leadership role to guide the company to great financial success.

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