The Welcoming Home Of Tommy Tune Goes To Oil Magnate Tony Petrello’s Home

Tony Petrello may be a strictly business hard negotiator while he’s up in his office at Nabors Industries, but he’s got quite a different side when he’s engaging in philanthropy or welcoming people to his home. His most recent notable guest was Broadway star Tommy Tune, the winner of several Tony awards for his role in the shows of “My One and Only,” “The Will Rogers Follies” and “Seesaw.” The star had returned home to Houston to do a performance that was somewhat autobiographical at the Miller Outdoor Theater, and afterward he was brought to the Petrello home for a reception party. The two men shared conversation in various topics, and Tune was honored to meet Petrello’s wife the former TV actress Cynthia Carrafa, and his daughter Carena. Tune is not the only one Petrello has extended his generosity to.

Tony Petrello has been among some of the world’s wealthiest executives and actually took the title of top-paid Chief Executive Officer in 2013. He has been in the CEO and chairman positions at the company since 2011, and he’s seen the rollout of M-800 and M-1000 rig series as part of the company’s large drilling portfolio. Nabors Industries is also the new partner of the Saudi Aramco company and helped start their joint SANAD company, and they also now own Tesco Corporation. Petrello has an innate ability to solve problems that those who knew him in college, such as Lloyd Grove remarked about in certain articles.

Tony Petrello first showed his abilities in solving problems as a young math student in high school and later Yale University. He was a student and later assistant of Professor Serge Lange, one of the world’s best mathematicians while getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. But his next move was to become a lawyer because he decided his problem solving skills might be better applied to financial law. Petrello excelled in tax compliance and offshore money transfers while serving as an associate and partner at Baker & McKenzie. He joined Nabors Industries in 1991.

Besides Tommy Tune, Petrello has contributed to many other music, arts and education non-profits through a family foundation. But he’s made his largest contribution to the Texas Children’s Hospital of $7 million to support neurology research. His daughter Carena who was born with periventricular leukomalacia and currently has cerebral palsy has been the primary reason he has done this, but he also hopes to see more precision medicine brought into the field to prevent CP and other disorders.

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