The Success of David McDonald of the OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of OSI group. In his leadership, the company has managed to grow its range of products in the market and become one of the most successful food production company in the world. It focuses on protein items that are packaged and sold in supermarkets worldwide.

Besides being OSI group president, he is the chairman of North American meat institute. David McDonald is also an independent director of a Brazilian food processing company called Marfrig foods. Before becoming OSI’s president, he served as a project manager at the company. David McDonald also serves as a member of OSI board of directors. McDonald holds a degree in Animal science which he acquired from Iowa State University located in Ames, Iowa in 1987.

OSI group headquarters are in Aurora Illinois. It has managed to be successful in the food production business for several decades now. OSI group has expanded to reach a vast market and now serves over 17 countries from all over the world. It is currently on a plan to expand to Germany and Spain.

On 14th may 2018 OSI merged with Turi foods which is an Australian food company. The two organizations have formed Turosi which is meant to serve more customers and bring growth to the companies. According to David McDonald, the merger will enable the two companies to serve their customers in innovative ways and deliver excellence.

In another expansion, OSI group doubled the chicken output in Spain by adding a new line in its plant in Toledo. The CEO says that this initiative will enable the company to add more innovative products to its portfolio and also increase job opportunities.

OSI group has also acquired Baho food which is in Europe. David McDonald was very optimistic about this venture saying that working with Baho food will increase the number of customers OSI serves in Europe because Baho’s products are in line with what OSI group offers.

McDonald is helping improve OSI sustainability by ensuring that it adapts to the changing trends occurring in the market. He also allows local management to deal with issues in their facilities since they understand the local culture better.

In an interview by CEOCFO McDonald says that OSI aspires to become better and become more valuable to its customers by providing innovative solutions to business challenges. They are all looking forward to a bright future.

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