The Public Safety Arena will Mark A Positive Shake-up All Thanks To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm that focuses on security enhancement through the use of criminal and civil technological solutions. The company releases an innovation each week that aids prison officials in curbing crimes. In the course of their operations, secures Technologies receives a lot of reviews through letters and emails from prison officials, manning the correctional facilities.


Calls Monitoring


One client is especially happy for the ability to use information retrieved from phone calls to get an arrest warrant for staff who was dealing in contrabands. The employee was subsequently brought to book to the satisfaction of the client. The reporting data solution has also been used for the same purpose. Calls monitoring service has helped gather evidence on inmates being involved in alcohol and drugs sales in the correctional facilities. This service has also provided a strong indication that prisoners get access to mobile phones illegally. Incriminating conversations have been recorded in cases of illegal money transfers. Gun shots have also been recorded as well.


Investigative Tools


Securus Technologies has always been committed to positively changing the confinement environment as well as helping in improving the safety of the people. The firm’s vision of creating investigative tools goes hand in hand with the correctional official investigative mind. The reporting data solution has improved the company’s measure. The investigative tools have also been used to investigate a situation where prison official have been issued with threats. The LBS Software has been used in the Sherriff’s department to recover money, assets, and drugs worth millions of dollars.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is centered in Dallas, Texas. Since its commencement, the firm has been keen to working with law enforcers and prison agents in North America. It provides safety solutions, such as biometric analysis, information management, and public information. Securus Technologies’ customer care is top-notch, one client noted receiving guidance on how to use a product having called them in the midst of an investigation.