The Life Saving Technologies Of Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall was one of the co-founders of Seattle Genetics. This company began in 1998 and Siegall is the CEO. He also sits on the board as the companies chairman. Although his training was in the scientific field, with a specialty in therapies for cancer, he created Seattle Genetics. This company is based on the amazing innovations of science. With Siegall‘s sincere desire to help people, he has created developments in drug practices and extensive research techniques to help his patients who are suffering from cancer.

Siegall has been responsible for his company developing new techniques for cancer treatment. With his strong leadership capabilities, he has produced over $300 million dollars for licensing the technology of ADC. Including all of the programs for collaboration, over 20 ADC’s are being used by the technology available to Seattle Genetics. Siegall was also at the head of the fund raising for the company that had a net of over $675 million dollars. This was accomplished in 2001 using both public and private activity.

Seattle Genetics is responsible for creating and marketing cancer therapies based on therapy with antibodies. The company is based out of Washington near Seattle, and is a leader in its industry. The company has discovered that when antibodies are properly harnessed and delivered in the body, they have the ability to kill off the cancer cells without causing any harm to normal cells. Chemotherapy will unfortunately target and attack all of the cells in the body. This will usually result in heightened sickness, severe nausea and even more suffering to the cancer patient. Siegall’s new therapy is designed to stop these toxic problems, kill only the damaged cells and avoid any unnecessary suffering for the welfare of his patients. This new breakthrough technology will have long lasting and life saving results for Siegall’s patients.

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