The life of Vincent Parascandola, an expert financial executive

He is a graduate of the Pace University. Vincent did his bachelor’s degree from the Lubin School of business. He completed his computer science degree at this institution. His first occupation was a Systems Analyst for Irving Trust Company. He dedicated two years of his time during the year 1986-1988. His likes and interests became real when he did his job at the Prudential Insurance, from 1988-1990. He continues to expand his knowledge and specialization by associating himself with friends and colleagues to ensure he maintains his focus. At a while, he left his occupation to work with a Group of professionals named Mony. His career grew in the 90’s where he creates a profile filled with various recognitions as well as awards.


Currently, Vincent works as a financial advisor with a firm titled Axa Advisors LLC; this Group does it business with persons and other companies with similar goals and objectives. He mostly operates his activities outside New York. He ensures professionalism and ethics involving activities entailing being a broker and an investor; Vincent represents a high number of individuals who believe in maximizing production. He has helped in developing various financial experts across the United States. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Responsibilities and experience

Vincent Parascandola is usually involved with the duties of training and bringing fresh, innovative minds to the firm for the sake of its prosperity. His motives are always geared towards maximizing sales as well as minimizing the production and operational costs associated with the whole chain doing business. Profit margins of his firm have always been mouth watering as well as attracting an unusually high number of investors to his company. Some of the branches in Manasquan, Morristown, and Woodbridge are doing well. He ensures the welfare of his employees and fellow board members are well catered. This helps in maintaining an excellent employer-employee relation hence the success. Vincent offers equal opportunities to all his workforce increasing their loyalty and trust. The clients are always the priority as consumer protection and satisfaction is vital. He helps on rendering tools essential hen planning on retirement’s benefits as well as profitable investments. Vincent helps in crucial and informed decisions one that helps one make effective and efficient business growth. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.