The Difference Andrew Rolfe And The Ubuntu Fund Have Made In The Lives Of South African Children

Andrew Rolfe heads the board of directors for the Ubuntu Fund. His mission is to make certain that all of the donations for children in South Africa are given without any restrictions. Andrew Rolfe is one of the finest men associated with education anywhere in the country. He has made a fierce commitment to give South African children the ability to learn. He has spent a lot of his time helping underprivileged children receive the education they deserve.

The Ubuntu Fund is an educationally based foundation that is partially run by Andrew Rolfe. The foundation gives money to programs and schools all over South Africa to help serve the children. Every child that is in a position where they are unable to receive a proper education receives help from Andrew Rolfe. He ensures the children receive everything they need to survive in the real world. All the money raised by the Ubuntu Fund is given with absolutely no strings attached since this is a basic part of their mission.

Andrew Rolfe and his team make certain the money collected from the larger donors to the Ubuntu Fund has no restrictions. The money must be given freely so the children are able to receive the highest benefits. They need to have freedom with the money to see to South Africa’s children properly. Andrew Rolfe believes the children receive better benefits when any worries regarding the source of the money funding their education is not an issue. He feels the children should concentrate on their education and not the funding.

Andrew Rolfe’s mission and career are clear. He helps people and he helps children. He serves his purpose extremely well in his position of the Ubuntu Funds leader. He spends his days giving back to the children in South Africa who are in need of a good education. He shows them that the way to move forward and get ahead in the world is by being well educated.