The Academy Of Art

New York City is a busy time each fall when Fashion Week takes place. Designers, reporters and celebrities gather at a variety of runway shows to view some of the most creative and unique designs around that year. A well known event held in NYC each year, Fashion Week has become an iconic part of New York City culture. It takes many designers all year to come up with their Fashion Week designs and each year, the Academy of Art University sends some of its best students and graduates to present a show and their designs. This past September was the school’s twenty-first Fashion Week show and there were nine designs showcased. Five of them were women’s designs, two were men’s designs and two more were collaborative efforts. Ten students participated in these designs throughout the year, all of whom had either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from the Academy of Art University.

What’s so impressive about the Academy of Art University is not just the impressive staff of professors that are teaching classes but there is also something to be said for the demographic of students that currently are attending classes here. The campus is a melting pot of sorts, with all walks of life attending classes some of which from as far as China and others from the East Coast of the United States. It is important that the school gives off a good impression. During Fashion Week there are a number of very prominent people that attend the shows and at any given show you can see some of the top designers pop in and check out what type of clothing is being showcased. Students and graduates understand how important it is to show their stuff; their style and everything they have learned during their college experience. This one runway show could give them their big break in the fashion world and it definitely is something that looks impressive on a resume or portfolio of designs. The next year will be spent working on another show of designs.