The Role of the Fagali Airport in Samoa

There are several air transport service providers in Samoa. Fagali Airport is ranked as the second in terms of the customer numbers. Many individuals prefer the airport as it is close to Apia. The airport is mainly used by Polynesian Airlines that head to Pago Pago International Airport. The airport was designed with one runaway. The other facilities such as the terminals are of basic standard. The buses and Taxis are allowed into the airport but their operations are limited to the terminal. The vehicles make the journey to Apia easier and more convenient as they only take a short time. The airport was rebranded in 2002 to offer better facilities to the users.

There have been attempts by the governments to ensure that the facility adheres to the required environmental standards. The concerns about noise pollution in the neighborhood were addressed. In 2009, the airport was renovated to offer international flights services. Polynesian Airlines has continued to improve the facility to guarantee the clients high-quality services. One of the attempts by the airline to transform the airport was through the acquisition of a DHC-6 Twin Otter. The airline offers their services several times in a week. There are various intermediaries that help the clients to get the best services.

Fagali Airport has experienced some challenges. The main one being the poor state of the infrastructure in the facility. The Polynesian Airlines has expressed its concerns to the relevant authorities and has advocated for renovation. The runaway has not been in a good condition and this has led to security for the users of the airport. The state of the runaway could increase the chances of accidents especially for planes that are not used to it.

The Samoa Airport Authority has helped to improve the state of the Fagali Airport in an effort to boost more movements between various airports in Samoa. The renovations were expected to take a short time to allow normal movements to resume. The renovations were mainly to the parking lot and the terminal. Some stakeholders have raised concerns about the safety of the facility shortly after the reconstruction. Some have argued that it could result in damage to the aircraft. Booking for flights has been made easier and more convenient. Thousands of people have benefited from the Fagali Airport during to different parts of the world. The relevant authorities have been advised to channel funds to the facility as it has a positive impact on the local economy.

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