End Citizens United Is Fighting Agianst Rick Scott In Florida

Rick Scott is the now famous governor of Florida. The Republican governor is now hoping to win the Senate seat from Democrat, Bill Nelson. End Citizens United is hoping to spoil Scott’s plan of winning a Senate seat from a Democrat in Florida. ECU has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Rick Scott. The group hopes that the move will be a thorn in Scott’s campaign and help defeat him in the upcoming election.

End Citizen United’s complaint against Governor Rick Scott of Florida involves the use of his Super PAC in his Senate election. ECU alleges in the complaint that Scott is illegally using his PAC in his bid for national office. The political action committee that is supporting governor Scott says that Rick Scott is taking such actions to get around the maximum direct campaign contributions limit.

The Florida governor has already raked in almost 80 million dollars for his Senate bid. This is a massive sum of money. It shows that the Florida senate race will be tightly contested.

Political action committees can raise limitless sums of money. They can also spend as much money as they feel is necessary for a campaign. There is one major restriction placed on PACs, though. They are not allowed to coordinate with the candidate or the candidate’s campaign directly. The PAC has to work from the sidelines in their effort to help elect a particular candidate for office.

This is where the complaint of End Citizens United comes in. End Citizens United claims that candidate Rick Scott is working directly with the New Republican super PAC. This is illegal because it violates anti-coordination laws laid out by the Federal Election Commission. If the FEC finds Scott guilty of this, then he could be in big trouble.

It is interesting to point out that Rick Scott served as the chairman of the New Republican super PAC before he announced his run for United States Senate. He was listed as chairman of the PAC as late as January of this year. The PAC has also said it will do everything it can to help him get elected.

Adam Bozzi of End Citizens United has taken aim at Rick Scott’s ties with the PAC. He says that Scott is less concerned about election integrity and is more concerned about his political ambitions. It is this kind of behavior that End Citizens United is working to change.

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