MB2 Dental Helps the Community

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that specializes in helping other dental practices across the country. It was created with the concept of doctors form all over the country having a common place to interact and share ideas. They provide affiliated business all kinds of materials, so they can focus on giving patients the best service possible. Each of the businesses they help also retain full control over their own practice. The connection everyone shares came to the forefront after Hurricane Harvey. An article on the website PR Newswire recounts how MB2 Dental Solutions stepped up to help.

This past December, the company reflected on its Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. They raised over $93,000 for the victims. In order to share their story, they published a YouTube video titled “Overcoming Hurricane Harvey 2017.” There was 25 MB2 Dental Solutions related offices that suffered damage, and as of the article’s publishing date, they had meet 94% of their donation goal.

Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva, said in a statement that he is proud of the work his company has done to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. He recounts a story of how a member who delivered a baby just days before the hurricane struck, and had to help locate the baby with no food or water around. The video is the culmination of how strong the MB2 Dental brand is and their community involvement.

There are few companies as earnest and respectful as MB2 Dental Solutions. Their employees and CEO did everything they could after Hurricane Harvey. There is little doubt their impact greatly helped many people during the recovery process.

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