A woman in leadership is a gender-sensitive issue that is more often than not always swept aside. However, Susan McGalla chooses to address the issue head-on as she advises women how to become better leaders.

Diversity in the workplace has been statistically proven as a successful drive force. Companies that are open to gender equality and diverse ethnicity are likely to excel in their industry than companies that don’t. Nonetheless, these statistics have not been able to place enough women in the boardroom. However, women such as Susan McGalla hold the opinion that ladies should never look forward to being placed in any leadership position. They would rather work hard and be promoted just like men to the positions that they deserve.

Susan McGalla’s upbringing taught her that she has to work hard for any positions that she wants in life. It is this policy that she always carries in life as she encourages many women to excel in the industries they work in, in order to pave way for leadership positions. This successful woman has been able to excel in male-dominated fields and she has emerged to be successful. Throughout the years in her career, she has managed to climb up the ranks because she always earns her position.

However, not all ladies are climbing up the ranks irrespective of the hard work they are putting in their careers. This is where the women leadership initiatives come in. These groups give women the support and elevation they need in their lives. In addition to this, they also allow women to network and share valuable ideas in various industries. Throughout the years these groups have managed to bring some changes in various industries. Moreover, they have also been able to prove that ladies are also valuable in all sectors.


Susan P. McGalla is a business consultant and an entrepreneur. She has also been able to provide valuable advice to women in order to elevate them to executive leadership positions. Currently, she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. The alma mater of Mount Union College has worked in various executive leadership positions throughout her career. The fact that some of the companies were heavily dominated by men didn’t stop her from excelling and getting the promotions.