Southridge Capital LLC is a monetary solutions organization that provides consultative and structured fund for public organizations. The organization has a strong executive team in place that has a good and deeper understanding of the small and middle market which assists in execution of clients financial plans. The management team comprises of five people, Stephen Hicks being the founder and Chief Executive Officer. It is devoted to offering financial solutions that satisfy the client’s needs.Southridge Capital provides services such as Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice and Legal Settlement Services. Since 1996, the company has invested 1.8 billion dollars into organizations globally aiding to their growth.


Southridge Capital also offers Credit Enhancing, Financial Solution and Securitization. The team at Southridge Capital came up with this structured fund aspect after observing that organizations that are in need of funding do not maximize on their full potential. As a result Southridge came up with a solution that provides monetization of an organization existing capital. Moreover, Southridge capital teams up with organization’s creditors directly with an aim of removing debt thus favoring the common stock, and assist the organization to build their creditworthiness. Southridge Capital also provides EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement) that enables organizations to raise capital according to their desires, paying little heed to the economic conditions. In the year 2015, Southridge Capital invested 5 million dollars in Elite Data Services a technological company that offers innovative contributions to the companies they serve.


Southridge Capital indulges in philanthropic activities in various ways such as community leadership, contributing to volunteering work and giving back to the society as the group believes that these are ways of positively impacting the community at large. The company also collaborates with various NGOs that offer support to those people in need. Daystar Foundation was then formed by Stephen Hicks and his wife to assist multiple charitable organizations by putting financial resources and time to change lives thus aiding in the improvement of the society. Southridge in collaboration with Daystar foundation has offered monetary support for various organizations including the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship and the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage. To see more you can check out their website