Sheldon Lavin Is A Global Food Visionary:

OSI Group, LLC.’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sheldon Lavin, has been with the global food processing giant since 1970. He originally came on board with the firm as a financial consultant who was looking to help OSI’s original owners, the Kowlschowsky family, to arrange the necessary financing to expand their wholesale meat business. Sheldon has never looked back. He was so successful in helping OSI in their expansion plans that the ownership of the company brought him on permanently. He has tirelessly led OSI Group on a march of expansion across the globe since the 1970s that has seen the company gain a footprint in 17 countries worldwide. Today, OSI Group operates over 80 facilities.

Sheldon Lavin has an educational background in the areas of accounting, finance and business. He studied at the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and Roosevelt University of Chicago before embarking on a business career as a financial consultant with his own firm, Sheldon Lavin & Associates LLC. It was during his time doing financial consulting that he came in contact with the ownership group at OSI. The rest has been a legendary history that sees Sheldon still going strong at over 80 years of age.

Sheldon Lavin won the Global Visionary Award in 2016. This is a prestigious honor given out by India’s Vision World Academy annually. The award honors individuals who have achieved greatness through persistence. The award is a fitting tribute to the amazing work that Sheldon Lavin has done in building the OSI family into what it is today. Sheldon was equally proud of OSI Group’s 2016 winning of the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. The council is recognizing OSI Group’s commitment to keeping its facilities environmentally sustainable. The award was a capstone to OSI Group’s 5-Star performing year in the U.K. in 2016.

Sheldon Lavin recently opened up about his career to Inspirery. When asked about how he got started in business he states that he wanted to find a way to make a difference in the world and became a financial consultant to help himself achieve this goal. Sheldon knew he had the skill to acquire the financing companies need in order to grow their businesses. This work eventually led him to a relationship with the ownership at OSI Group and his full-time involvement with the company soon followed. During his time at OSI, Sheldon has developed a family-oriented culture that he feels confident will remain intact long after he is gone.

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