Sawyer Howitt is Racqetball Ready

     Sawyer Howitt is very committed to racquetball and has a level of dedication rarely seen by someone his age. He offers a few factors to consider if one would like to achieve a high level of success. One important consideration is the need for research as it necessary to understand what one is getting into. It is important to consider the hours of practice needed to excel and bring about a performance which is exemplary. Only then can one possibly earn money with their skills as a player.

The motivation for merely staying fit and having a good time doing so is quite a bit different from professional, paid ambitions. Once it is determined that a professional course is desired, a likely plan can then be implemented. A daily training program is a must and is first on the to-do list. Incremental goals are next as they help inspire perseverance when small accomplishments are realized and enjoyed. Perhaps the most important factor is a coach who has knowledge and expertise to offer. A good coach will teach his player the drills that focus on racquetball and help develop those unique skill sets.

Sawyer Howitt has enjoyed success in racquetball and has other aspirations too. His family has a strong tradition of entrepreneurialism and he hopes to make his mark there as well. Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, has found success with his founding of the Meriwether Group. Oregon Chai, a popular tea brand, was a joint project of Sawyer’s father and mother. To further his ambitions Sawyer Howitt is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. He will attend the University of California at Berkeley and his studies will begin in the fall of 2017. His drive for success is already very strong within him and it will help shape his destiny. It would be difficult to bet against him.

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