Ryan Seacrest: A Man Who is Using His Fame to Help Children

Ryan Seacrest is a magnet for views. The man has a persona that seems to float around him and follow him wherever he goes. He has a certain ability to maintain himself and conduct himself that seems in control as it does charming. His voice lights up the radio stations at night through his nationally syndicated radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest. His demeanor and cheeky jokes capture the hearts of millions on his host work with American Idol (before he hosted Idol, Seacrest actually hosted 3 children’s programs and an ESPN outdoor gameshow). Ryan Seacrest knows his way around media. He seems to dominate media in its modernity.

Of course, this is well and good. His work with production is impressive, of course. He is responsible for Keeping up with the Kardashians and the subsequent spinoffs. He is responsible for Jamie Olivers Food Revolutions. He has his on-Macy’s fashion line and his own skincare line to boot. He seems to be everywhere at once. You turn off American Idol and leave your house, only to be greeted by him the second you turn on the radio. This is all perfectly fine, but it wouldn’t mean much in the end. After all, media fades and new media comes. What is impressive is that Ryan is leveraging his media personality to make a difference in the lives of children. That, now that’s impressive.

Ryan builds Seacrest Studios in children’s hospitals across America. These Seacrest Studios are hubs that operate in the hospital and allow children to experience media first-hand. Children can produce their own TV shows, radio shows, and bond with celebrities simultaneously. These hubs can act as important places for children for both gaining insight into the industry, but more importantly as entertainment and a way to brighten their moods. Children have a chance to meet and watch celebrities live. All of this is broadcast on closed-circuit channels throughout the hospital. This gives children a chance to watch the live events and shows without having to leave their rooms. Ryan’s work with media is impressive, but his work with children is what makes him shine. More details about Ryan can be read on facebook.