Rocketship Education: Bringing out the Power in Your Child

Unlike most school, Rocketship was first initiated in a church in San Jose, California. It has since grown to be a school that is setting the pace for others to follow. Since its inception ten years ago, many lives have been positively impacted by the school. The experiences and challenges that the school has faced have enabled it to learn a thing or two. Rocketship believes that any personalized learning must start at home. Many a time’s, students emulate what they see at home in schools. Therefore, Rocketship Education strives to carry home visits at least annually to ensure that children are not exposed to harmful materials. In the same spirit, it recognizes the importance of a parent or a guardian in the child’s life. Since a big chunk of Rocketship Education is devoted to elementary schools, parents’ participation is key. This can be achieved by setting up parents associations that are responsible for the welfare of the children.

Rocketship also values the integration of students. However, in this light integration alone will not solve the issues of race among the children. Much emphasis is created by the teachers to assist in the socialization of the children. In the category of minority representation, Rocketship has successfully involved differently abled children. This is done to prevent the stigma that has been facing these children since time immemorial. A vital core value that Rocketship tries to impact is group mentality. The school tries to advise the children on the benefit of working together to attain a common goal. This wholesomely changes the student mindset and the general public perspective on public schools.

Rocketship School prides itself to be one of the best public school in San Jose. It boasts of being able to serve students from low-income families. It believes that given the opportunity to tap into their capabilities, any student can be successful in their quest for education. It was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007 as a non-profit charter school network. It has about 16 charter schools in San Jose, Redwood in California, and as well as a branch in Washington D.C.