PSI-Pay Partners with Kerv Wearables to Utilize its MasterCard Channel of Payment

The advent of technology alongside internet access has revolutionized payment methods across the world. As of now, people have the luxury to purchase good as well as services on multiple websites like e-commerce, hotel websites alongside booking reservations online through alternative online payment methods. Moreover, there are numerous payment methods made for collecting payments, especially for online based entrepreneurs. One such way is the PSI-Pay.

Background Check

Established in 1992, PSI Pay is one of the leading privately owned non-bank institutions to offer EFT payments to most not-for-profit communities. As such, the founder of the company Mr. Beverly Kempf had the intention of creating a highly effective and revolutionary batching process with the plan to execute multiple EFTs alongside credit card donations all too often. From that moment onwards, PSI Pay has expanded from handling one-time payments to millions of online payments at once. Moreover, the company continues to surpass its growth capabilities through credit cards.


PSI-Pay offers its clients sponsorship payment solutions that give businesses special support through an FCA regulated institution. Moreover, it is a Fintech company situated in the heart of the United Kingdom and owns a principal member of the MasterCard as from 2009. Until now, PSI Pay is legally licensed to offer prepaid cards, alongside electronic payment and regulated products across 173 countries. Moreover, since 2014, the company has majored in the provision of MasterCard services across Europe.


Full Committed to Providing Unmatched Services

In as much as the world’s financial docket highly relies on automated payment methods, PSI Pay has maintained its full-service management of payments. As a group, the firm believes that the little courtesies make the whole difference. For that reason, the administration takes the stewardship of the client’s cash flow seriously. Therefore, if a client is pressed with a question, the same team is always available to answer. Besides, the management is fully equipped with credible information regarding account setups, payments, refunds, and reconciliations. Consequently, you will not get a vague ticket number without clear instructions. Besides, the management works with clients to address different issues.

The Merger

For a business to perform better in well in some project, a partnership is often handy. For instance, PSI Pay recently partnered with Kerv Wearables to utilize PSI-Pay’s MasterCard license. Through the partnership, it is expected that Kerv’s users will fund their account through debit and credit cards. Moreover, they can also use PayPal or bank transfer. Regarding this partnership, both companies have agreed to utilize this opportunity for their benefit.