Profirio Sanchez Galindo Paves The Way For Televisa

Profirio Sanchez Galindo is one of Mexico’s most prominent businessmen. Born and raised in Mexico City, he received a degree from The Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and later attended Stanford. While at Stanford, Profirio Sanchez Galindo studied Business and Executuve Education which have both propelled him into the very successful career he has today. He has held many different important and key roles throughout society but some of his greatest achievements can be seen in the work he did inside of Mexico. He has held job titles such as Minister Chief of Staff for the Mexican Finance industry and now Chief Executive Officer for Televisa.

Televisa is a Mexican television company. It’s very popular internationally but mostly among Hispanic Americans and basically all of the Spanish speaking community. They broadcast television services to over fifty different countries all across he World and have immensely grown under the leadership of Profirio Sanchez Galindo. Since landing his leadership role with the company, he has brought in roughly around $10 billion in profits and has approximately 10 thousand employees who work underneath him. The employees are also international and located around the world to provide easier access and services to their customers. This completely revolutionized home provider service for many customers all across the globe. Profirio Sanchez Galindo’s success and project ideas are what have helped Televisa transpire into what it is today. They are the fastest growing mass communications service in Mexico as of right now.

Profirio Sanchez Galindo earned much of his success at Tevlevisa through his project called “YOO”. This project worked to break the traditional option for television providers and offered a whole new package. This entirely new package would combine many different wireless services into one. He suggested they offer a package that would allow customers to get internet, television and telephone from a single provider.