OSI Group Bolsters European Presence With Acquisition Of Baho Food

One of America’s largest meat processing companies has purchased Baho Food of The Netherlands. OSI Group, with international headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois, saw a perfect fit in Baho, a manufacturer of deli meat, convenience foods and snacks sold in retail outlets across Europe.

The purchase increases the already considerable and burgeoning international presence for OSI which has 65 facilities operating in 17 countries around the world. The company has a strong presence in Europe, including Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. OSI enjoys 10 locations in China. It also operates in Japan, the Philippines, India and Taiwan. It operates in South America, as well.

OSI Group President David McDonald said the Baho Foods acquisition gives his company significant leverage to compete in European markets. He called Baho a “perfect fit with OSI” because Baho’s brands are highly compatible with OSI processing capabilities. He also said it puts OSI in a better position to focus on specific customer needs, especially in The Netherlands and Germany.

Baho Food has five facilities in Germany and The Netherlands. The original Baho management team is expected to stay at the helm of the Baho operation. They say they are looking forward to working with their new parent company on marketing strategy and plotting out new venues for growth.

John Balvers is managing director of Baho Food. He said that becoming part of the OSI Group is a major step forward for his operation and employees – not to mention the superior capability it will provide in servicing customers with more diverse and exciting products.

OSI Group has been moving aggressively to grow and expand in recent years. Consider that in 2011 the company was listed as the 136th largest privately-held company in the U.S. with annual revenues of about $3 billion. By 2016, Forbes had it at No. 58 on its list with annual revenues of $6 billion.

OSI Group has been operating in the greater Chicago area for more than a century. It was established as a simple, family-owned meat market shop in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. It became Otto & Sons in 1928 – the business thrived under the family ownership of the Kolschowsky family because they developed a reputation for high quality meats and fair dealings with customers.

Today OSI Group is an international leader in meat processing. It is recognized to be among the world’s most innovative company in terms of adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

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