One Man, Many Jobs: Ryan Seacrest Is A Machine

Ryan Seacrest is a productivity machine. He began his talk show career when he was a kid, running around the house with a microphone and doing shows, says his mother. He wasn’t the type to play Cowboys and Indians. Ryan’s television career began in 1993 when he hosted the first season of ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge. He also hosted three kids’ game shows, which were; Gladiators 2000, Wild Animal Games, and Click.

His American Idol career began in 2002 and co-hosted it with comedian Brian Dunkleman. You would think that would be enough success for this guy, but he kept the momentum going. He now has his own radio talk show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also has his own skin care and clothing line. He continues to produce shows like American Idol and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. How does he juggle his abnormally busy day?

Ryan Seacrest starts off his day like most Americans. He wakes up early at 6 in the morning, has a quick shower, shaves, and puts a little moisturizer on his face. His morning clothes are a pair of sweats, a zip up hoodie, a t-shirt, and his uggs. He has been cited by the fashion police for wearing his uggs to early in the year, by the way. After or during he drinks his Matcha tea that is followed by a cup of coffee, he consumes overnight news, followed by a bit of television.

Throughout his lifetime of success, Ryan has not forgotten to give back. He started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which builds broadcast media centers in hospitals for children. This allows the kids to explore their radio, television, and new media artistic sides for the purpose of self expression with the intent to aid their healing.

Learning to implement the most beneficial habits wan’t an overnight thing for Ryan. During his interview with the New York Times, he goes on to say that he had to train himself to have self discipline to help keep him accountable on when to take phone calls and when not to. He realized that things can be put into a queue.