NGP VAN says that the future of election campaigns is based on technology

Political lobbying, organization, and campaigns have changed face from the traditional labor and time intensive to more refined technology influenced efforts. Today, campaigns have taken a new course, and elections are being controlled by the manipulation of large consumer data. This has made campaigning more strategic and effective because parties use the data to target a specific group of people that are more likely to support their candidate.

NGP VAN is the top company that provides these services, mainly to the Democrats among other clients like labor unions and independent PACs. The company has been the sole technology provider to the Democratic Party and was behind the historic election and re-election of former US President Barrack Obama.

NGP VAN is at the frontline; to aid Democrats seeking election to a public office, make use of a comprehensive portfolio of mobile and web tools in their campaigns. The tech company which has its headquarters in Washington, Dc, specializes in voter databases and also does web hosting. Its access to a massive database on voter details, enables the company performs target campaigning, which goes a long way to influence voter turnout in general elections. As such, the NGP VAN is the most sought after by the Democratic Party and also the Liberal Party of Canada. The company also serves numerous labor unions and many progressive organizations that may require mass mobilization and sensitization.


Clients of the company, have the upper hand, because NGP VAN is technology oriented. The company is making significant progress as the future of campaigns, and mass crusading becomes more technology-based. This is evident in the success rate of the Democratic campaigns that the company engineered both in 2008 and 2012.

More about NGP VAN

Previously the company was known as Voter Activation Network before it rebranded in January 2011 and changed the name to NGP VAN. It was founded 2001 by Mark Sullivan. Its primary client is the Democratic Party, but it also serves other non-governmental organizations using their EveryAction fundraising platform which was launched in October 2014. Among significant campaigns that the company has powered include, Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 presidential and the Obama 2012 presidential campaign. Stuart Trevelyan is the current President and CEO of NGP VAN.