Michel Terpins Gains Popularity in Sao Paulo’s Rally Sports

Michel Terpins is one of the most respected rally competitors in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His speed and performance in the rally sports earned him a lucrative position at the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm. Michel Terpins began his sports career in 2002 when he started to race with simple motorcycles and later advanced to powerful cars. His experiences with the races have promoted to race for big teams in Sao Paulo. Besides, his brother Rodrigo Terpins has been by his side all through his career. Rodrigo is also an expert rally driver who has experiences with powerful and luxurious sports cars such as T-Rex, a product of MEM Motorsports.

Similarly, Michel Terpins has also raced aboard T-Rex in almost five rally editions including the most recent 25th Edition Sertões Rally. In his attempts to become a better rally driver and competitor, Michel Terpins has managed to win a couple of races which statistically amount to nine tally competitions. The rally sports guru and his brother, Rodrigo are the founders of the Bull Sertões Rally Team which has topped in most of the Sertões Rally competitions. Following the club’s wins, Maykel Justo and Michel Terpins who is the team’s best performers successfully represented the Bull Sertões Rally Team in Prototypes T1 Sertões Rally categories.

Somehow, MEM Motorsports contributed to the team’s victory indirectly. This is because of the company’s powerful and comfortable T-Rex which was used by these sportsmen during the rally. Considering that the races were to be off the roads, the car was just the best choice for such a tedious and very competitive exercise.

However, Rodrigo Terpins missed the chance to participate in the rally due to his other professional commitments. All the same, he is set to triumph in the next races that the Sertões Rally Editions will be hosting in the near future.

In a nutshell, the contributions of Michel Terpins and his brother in the development of rally sports in Sao Paulo are incomparable and unmatched. It is because of Michel Terpins that his sports company, the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship continues to excel.