Mental Health Treatment And Neurocore: Finding A Better Tomorrow

Depression is something that affects many millions of people daily. There is alot of misconception surrounding the diagnosis of depression that hinders the treatment of many people. Here are a few facts that many people don’t know about depression:

People can develop depression without any outside factors involved. They can just be coming out of a stressful period of life, recovering from illness, or even if they have a history of depression in their families.

Signs and symptoms may not be obvious right away. Early signs can be: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, change in sleeping and eating patterns, and general irritability. Some people are very high functioning and may not show an outside struggle, but have daily, negative thoughts.

Daily depression can cause bad health: headaches, shortness of breath, stomach issues, and unrelieved tension.

Depression affects more people age 15 – 44 and is the second leading cause of suicide in the younger people affected.

Depression is highly treatable. For those that admit to their depression and seek treatment, they have a great chance of minimizing or even eliminating the depression from their lives.

Neurocore is a state of the art treatment option for those that want to try a different path to treating their depression. Neurocore treats depression and many other mental health issues using a form of biofeedback. The brain is not a thing set in stone, the misfiring of the brain is what can cause depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues. What biofeedback does is rewards the brain for making many positive choices, in other words the program re-trains the brain into stopping the misfiring, and causing positive neuro pathways.

Neurocore has facilities across Michigan and Florida. Getting started with their program is easy. People can call or fill out a brief survey online. Counselors will call the potential client and talk them through a simple assessment. The results of the assessment are made into a personalized care plan for the patient. To read more about Neurocore, please clickth the link here.

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