Meet James Dondero, a Dallas Dedicated Philanthropist

James Dondero is the CEO and chairman of the Board at Highland Acquisition Corporation. In addition, since April 2016, Dondero has been the President and Secretary of Highland Acquisition Corporation. Having founded and headed 3 organizations, James Dondero has gathered experience in many fields for several years. In the field of credit markets, James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience. The many years of experience have shown Dondero’s expertise in other areas such as hedge fund management at the Highland Capital Management. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

James Dondero who has a CFA and CPA background has managed to use his experience in the field of finance in portfolio management. Dondero also played a key role the raising and management of more than $1 billion in fixed income funds for the American Express where he took positions of Corporate Bond Analysis and also Portfolio Management. Currently, James is the portfolio manager of the Highland Capital Management, a firm which he co-founded in 1993.

On the onset of the year 2014, James Dondero became the President of NexPoint Multifamily Capital Trust. His in-depth knowledge in finance accompanied with decades of experience in the field of finance have put him in the best spot to continue holding the position of President at NexPoint. Dondero is also the founder of NexPoint Advisors which is an affiliate of HCM Fund Advisors.


James has also held different positions of leadership in different organizations such as Directorate position at NexBank SSB, Board Chairman at NexBank Capital, Chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS, Directorate position in Safety Keen for more than five years, and also directorate position at American Bank Corporation for more than a decade now.

James Dondero, a Dallas based entrepreneur, is a Certified Managerial Accountant. He graduated from the University of Virginia Mcintire School Of Commerce in 1984 having accomplished a Bachelor of Science in Commerce having specialized in Accounting and Finance. James is also a hearty philanthropist. He has offered various gifts of entrepreneurship and Philanthropy to members of the Dallas community. Dondero has been viewed as a philanthropy hero through his philanthropic support for educational access and opportunities.

James Dondero remains to resilient and industrious investor and financial advisor whose philanthropic dedication and desire to make an impact in Dallas is unwavering. Visit to know more about James.