Lime Crime Debuts A Brand New Palette

So basically everyone is wondering what is in the palette that Lime Crime has hinted at. Customers of the brand are longing for a new Venus 3 to make its debut. The tease was dropped on Instagram by @LimeCrimeMakeup of an empty palette dropping down from heaven. Venus products by Lime Crime all have a wonderful silk like smooth feeling when applied and people just can’t wait to get their hands on the new Venus 3 if that’s what it is. These are all speculation and nobody can find out until its launch date.

If you are really curious you can sign up at the Lime Crime official website and find out what is going on before others. Fans of the brand are all playing a guessing game right now in hopes that all of their wishes about the palette being Venus 3 deems true. Lime Crime is such a successful brand that whatever it is, it will be sure to impress. By the looks of the picture it could be anything really from lip gloss, blush, toners, anything.

Customers are really hoping for it to be Venus 3 eyeshadows because all of their previous eye shadow cases have been such big hits. Lime Crime sure knows how to keep its fans and customers on its feet and they sure know how to keep us guessing. Until the launch we will just have to all sit back and wait for the unveiling of the new palette and what is going to be inside of it.

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