Learn More About Wine With The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Traveling Vineyard is a unique concept where wine enthusiasts are able to learn more about the sometimes intimidating world of wine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Led by the company’s wine guides, the private wine tasting events held in the host’s home, provide an ideal opportunity to learn more about wine and the wine-making process. Wine guides are very helpful and generous with sharing their knowledge. On a recent trip to Napa Valley, wine guides shared their insight on enjoying the non-wine oriented activities available in the area. The Traveling Vineyard wine guides are often rewarded with all expenses paid travel opportunities to wine meccas such as Napa.

Wine guides are the life blood of the Traveling Vineyard business model and the company appears to have tapped into something big. Many people that love wine would like to learn more about it but are intimidated by the wine world in general which makes them shy about asking for more information. Wine guides help other wine enthusiasts to learn more about the world of wine in a relaxed and informative environment that encourages questions. The wine guides themselves do not need to be wine experts as there is quite a lot of on the job training available from Traveling Vineyard.

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Started in 2001 the company has continued to grow throughout the decade and shows no signs of slowing down. The wine guide model is one that fits well with many people that are looking to earn some extra cash on the side while learning more about a subject that interests them. In fact, many wine guides have enjoyed the experience so much that they have become full-time Traveling Vineyard wine guides. The wine world itself continues to grow in popularity and the industry overall has become much less esoteric. It is through these changes that the Traveling Vineyard shines through. The company wants its participants to learn more about wine in order to enrich their own personal enjoyment while making new friends and having a great social event. Wine guides are encouraged to be generous with their information and welcome all.

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