Kabbalah-A Part of Who we Are

There has been a big following after Madonna took an interest to Jewish mysticism. Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and the late Sammy Davis expressed an interest in the Jewish Kabbalah, even though they were not born Jewish. So what is the reason these celebrities have, to take an interest in this ancient religion? Some of them have found that Kabbalah has helped them to get through hard times. Others, like Sammy Davis, just wanted to become a part of this 5,000 year-old history and to be a part of something that wasn’t just materialistic.

In 1976, the Late Elizabeth Tailor even offered herself in exchange for the 100 Israelis held hostage at the Entebbe Airport. Kabballah influenced her strongly.According to Madonna, a main precept of Kabbalah is that we are on the earth to help others, and that it is our job to find out how and what we can do. For Madonna, it was spreading the word about Kabbalah.

Traditionally, Jews over the age of 40 have been the only students of Kabballah, but according to the late Rabbi Philip Berg, simplifying Kabballah and making it more relevant to the aspects of the modern world has made the struggles that biblical characters had to face, much more accessible.Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that unveils how life and the universe work. The word “Kabbalah” means “to receive.” Kabbalah is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives.

Kabballah is a very ancient paradigm for living and it teaches that all the branches of our lives stem from the same trunk and the same root. It’s really a different way of looking at the world on the journey to find self fulfillment in a world full of technology and distractions, stress, and uncertainty.