Jorge Moll Reveals Personal Insights

Jorge Moll accomplished his medical degree in Neuroscience and completed his residency at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University in Brazil. He subsequently received his Experimental Pathophysiology, Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.).


A Helping Hand

It was always innate within Jorge Moll to help individuals who are afflicted with conditions that prevent them from having a better life standard. In his desire to assist people with ailments, he aligned himself with organizations that are into the healthcare industry. Today he is the Director of the unit for Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience – a high-tech imaging and diagnostic facility; he is likewise the President and member of the board of the D’ Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR).

During a dialogue with Dr. Jorge Moll, he said that he formed the idea for the D’Or Institute of Research and Education because he wanted his country to have a first-class healthcare, education and research facility. Aside from this, he stated that his daily routine is mostly occupied by meeting schedules with various people and groups of whom he discusses multiple subject matters to establish an association and obtain an uninhibited interchange of ideas.

The ideas that Dr. Moll acquires become tangible he says when he chooses the best one that can be transformed into an actual strategy that could be a source of partnership with other individuals who are similarly interested in its implementation to make it a tangible reality.

When he was asked what habits were essential to be an efficient businessman, the astute doctor replied that to be productive one must be skillful, open and transparent at the same time. And he also remarked that if he were to advise his younger self, he would recommend that plans and ideas must not be held on for long, so the choice is either make a go for it or discard it, and move on to the next best possible one.

And as a businessman, Dr. Jorge Moll said that he had his share of failures, and he was able to hurdle them by adequately managing his strengths and weaknesses when the real solution seems to elude his grasp.