Jeff Aronin: Giving Back To Patients With Rare Diseases


Giving back to the world is very important. In the end we all are reliant on each other for help and guidance in one way or another. We as people are prone to getting sick and we are exposed to diseases and illnesses every day. Everyone gets sick eventually as it is a natural part of our lives. So, when someone goes down with a sickness or disease it probably best that we try to help them as that could as easily been one of us. Someone who understands this and is actively doing his part to give back especially in the medical filed is Jeff Aronin.


Jeff Aronin is the Chief executive and the chairman of the company Paragon biosciences. This company works to help find cures and remedies for different illnesses and diseases that people deal with. They like to focus on the sicknesses that don’t have regular or viable solutions. Jeff Aronin has been the leader of this company since 2010 and has helped them to with his extensive knowledge and experience as a leader to doing this more efficiently. Jeff Aronin originally had his own company which he started in 2000 Ovation Pharmaceuticals. This earlier work gave him the know how that he has definitely used in his work with Paragon. Paragon Bioscience has a careful and simple way of giving back and they may be overlooked by some. Instead of actually carrying out medical procedures they create and support companies to solve medical issues (Crunchbase). They first identify an issue or disease that they feel needs to be addressed, then they help build a company or team to combat this issue, and lastly, they develop this company through their finances and research and insure they have what they need to continue working until a solution is found for the issue at hand.


Giving back to the world doesn’t always have to directly involve physically providing or giving a service or particular item. By creating and supporting those that will solve issues Jeff Aronin and paragon biosciences are doing their part. “Improving the human experience” is what Jeff Aronin and Paragon claim to do and with the work they have done to fight the multitude of 6,000 diseases we face everyday it is hard to deny this as truth.