How Don Ressler is taking the Fabletics company to the higher levels.

Most women still face the challenge of failure to choose between affordable and fashionable athletic wear. And this has also affected the dealers of the sportswear. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took their time to study the trends in all time active wear consumption in 2010 and successfully got the trend. They, therefore, co-founded Fabletics with the aim of coming up with an affordable, fashionable as well as functional activewear, having found out that these wears are quite confusing and by day.

The discovery of Fabletics by the two business people was a kind of a revolutionary vision on women’s wear. They did not focus on the current market trends but what the women needed. Don Ressler and Adam conducted the study on the needs of women through the organization of consumer groups and consumer tests since most of the challenges that women faced in the sportswear were mostly universal. The clothes that existed before were not correctly fitted, shabby and uncomfortable for them both regarding the quality of the materials and their design. However, the comfortable ones were costly and could not be affordable to most of the women.

Don Ressler and her colleague (and actress) Kate Hudson come up with ways of solving this problem once and for all. Branding of the sportswear has never been favorable to the women since many companies did not target women while designing their products. The actress became outspoken, appealing and friendly to the masses with the sportswoman wear from Fabletics. Through the product promotion that Kate Hudson was able to do in these clothes, she automatically joined the board as the third co-founder. She has since been very active with the brands both physically and online.

The company faced a lot of financial challenges at early stages forcing Don Ressler to get into the mix of the marketing. Although the manufacturers do not readily create the sportswear that was both functional and fashionable, Ressler and his team did not face the same challenge due to his earlier experience in fashion industry. They, therefore, focused on both quality and comfortability of their products.

Kate Hudson, through her conversational skills and charisma, managed to involve the whole team in online marketing. They also came up with a system of discount on their sales. Done Ressler become so happy since he was able to utilize the concept of quality and affordable sale of fashionable clothes for women as well as online shopping which proved to be highly efficient.

Today, the company serves women at the comfort of their working places without necessarily having to go to the shops. The company also announced that due to increased clients’ population, they intend to expand their business in 2017.

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