Has Securus Technologies Changed the Lives of the Inmates in Correctional Facilities?

There is nothing that is more disturbing than trying to reach a loved one in a correctional facility and failing. Even more troubling was the ridiculously expensive costs that people used to pay to make phone calls to their loved ones. There was also a time when the correctional facilities were known as the first place where one could quickly get killed or assaulted and violated in cruel ways. But thanks to companies such as Securus technologies, the safety, security, and quality of communications in these facilities has been improving a lot over the past few years. Below are a few of the things that customers who have used Securus services have had to say.


There was a time when we had a problem at our business. Someone was sneaking in contraband, and we could not tell who it was. One of the management people suggested that we try monitoring we approached Securus Technologies because we had been told they were great in that kind of thing. A week after installation of the monitoring equipment, we had the evidence which we needed to make an arrest and charge the man in a court of law. Thank you Securus, you made the difference.


There was a time a lot of illegal activity was being carried out at our correctional facility. We decided that we were going to involve a video monitoring service on the premises. Within three weeks, we had uncovered the culprits in the sale of firearms, illegal mobile phones and money transfer services. Our correctional facility is now safer, all thanks to the services offered by Securus.


These are all customers who have used the services offered by Securus. It is easy to see that the company has transformed the communication and safety standards in the facility and that things are getting better as a result of their innovation and service delivery.