Gregory Aziz Is Taking National Steel Car In A New Direction

National Steel Car has become a leading supplier for North America when it comes to freight cars and anything railway related. Like the company’s glory days back in the early 1900’s, customers came far and wide for their services and products and it has been Gregory Aziz’s goal to turn the company around over the past two decades. He bought the company from DOFASCO back in 1994 and within his first couple of years, he managed to upgrade nearly the entire company. He split the company into sectors based on employees and allows for employees to play a bigger role in their departments.


Gregory Aziz along with his dedicated team of experts have been able to transform National Steel Car into a reputable company that has the confidence of their customers once again. Innovation is key according to Gregory, who is always trying to push the boundaries of what he can accomplish. Since employees play a critical role in the success of any company, Gregory James Aziz has placed more emphasis on employee safety and security within the company and as such, they play bigger roles in the company’s procedures.


More than anything else, Gregory Aziz has taken the extra steps to innovate and try out new things for the company, which has refreshed its standing in the industry. The market is always changing and at times when the market is heavy, it is important to be prepared. National Steel car is always adapting and keeping up with the needs of their customers with continued growth so they do not fall behind.


1Gregory was able to put all his experience and skills to good use thanks to his studies in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He earned his degree and learned how to put his ideas into practice. Combining his education with his time working at his family’s large company, he was able to hit the ground running with National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz is the CEO and president at National Steel and he also maintains a position as chairmen, so he is responsible for most of the operations that happen on a daily basis.   Go To This Page for more information.