Goettl Air Conditioning’s Reach to Better Serve an Expanding Area

Since 1939, Goettle Air Conditioning has been a well known and respected company who has been well regarded by customers over the past 77 years. Goettl has offered their expertise in the heating and air conditioning business as the top company in the area.

Goettle handles all phases of heating and air conditioning sales, installations, repair, maintenance, HVAC for businesses, Air Quality Control, and plumbing services. One feature that is especially popular with customers is the Goettl Maintenance Program. The program only costs $12 per month and is very well received by customers. The plan offers discounts on sales, services, maintenance, and installation. There are strong warranties on parts and services, and there is an annual checkup on a member’s heating and air conditioning units.

Goettl is expanding its service reach as recently Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air merged with Goettle. The primary purpose is to provide coverage for expanding needs of people in the burgeoning suburban and outlying areas. This is a very much in demand situation, especially in the HVAC areas where Goettl has not had that portion as a very strong part of the business until now. Both Paradise and Las Vegas Air are very strong in that department, so this is a good fit.

Kenneth Goodrich, who is the owner of Goettl plans to add on many new employees in 2017, the majority of which will be new techs. He plans to send them to school at the College of Southern Nevada for their technical training and have them on the job as soon as possible.

All of these plans are going to make it possible to provide even more direct service to customers as the communities grow and expand. The desert cities are growing rapidly across the land and suburbs, apartments, rental units and new businesses will all benefit from the expansion.