Goettl Air Conditioning Company: Keeping Your Pets Safe During Summer

Though we love the general feeling that summer brings, we seem to forget the amount of heat that our pets get exposed to during this season. Just like human beings, pets require optimum protection from excessive heat that may have some grave consequences on them. With this in mind, in comes the Goettl Air Conditioning Company.
According to the company, these are some of the few tips that each and every pet owner should have at their fingertips when it comes to keeping their pets safe and cool during the long hot summers.
-Pet owners are advised to keep off the sidewalks especially during the afternoons when the sun is at its peak. The reason behind this is because hot pavements usually damage your pets’ paws. Pet owners are encouraged to take walks with their pets during the evenings or early morning before the sun reaches its peak.
-If you are planning to take a walk during the day, always ensure that you have applied sunscreen lotion on your pets, typically 30 minutes before the stroll. This is usually recommended for pets with short, light colored coats.
-Keep your pets hydrated and cool by providing them with sufficient water to take during the day. Unlike human beings, pets don’t sweat, and hence they can’t get rid of the excessive heat that usually accumulates in their bodies during the day.
-Get your pet a doggie pool. Yes!! You heard right. Doggie pools function by keeping your dogs cool especially during the afternoons. A good number of pets usually love the dip, and it’s only going to be a matter of time before they get used to the pool.
-Always keep your pets far away from garden fertilizers and from anti-freeze leaking cars. Garden fertilizers can damage your pet’s paws, while the antifreeze leak can leave sweet tasting puddles on your car seats which can harm your pets.

About Goettl Air Conditioning Company
The Goettl Air Conditioning Company was established in the year 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. 29 years later, the company made its entrance in South Nevada in 1968. For over four decades, the company was under the care and maintenance of Gust and Adam, up until the year 2013 when Ken Goodrich bought the company. Three years later, Ken opened a branch in Las Vegas, in what turned out to the turning point in the air conditioning industry. Ken attributes the growth and success of the Goettl Company to his never ending love for pets.
Generally speaking, the Goettl Air Conditioning Company is the largest air conditioning company in Phoenix Arizona. Apart from providing air conditioning services, the company also offers replacement services, repair and maintenance, and providing high-quality AC systems.

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  1. When it is snowing one can be forgiven to forget about air conditioners and cooling, but it is important to consider the pets. Also buy essay online sometimes to make sure that you are up to date about the vital information that will help save the pets and the environment too. You may not understand the importance until you begin to really care about the pets.

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