Glen Wakeman – Innovator, Business Strategist and Leadership Guru

Glen Wakeman, the Chief executive officer of Launchpad Holdings LLC, is an internationally recognized as a successful entrepreneur and corporate governance adviser. Glen mainly offers strategic advice on how to make startup companies with technology solutions to grow exponentially.

Wakeman graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from Scranton University in 1981. He then advanced his studies and graduated with an MBA in Finance from Chicago University in 1993. His perseverance and modesty are best illustrated when he had to work as a toilet cleaner to raise fees for his education. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

It is while working at GE that, the board of directors noted his potential. He was regarded as Growth model while working at GE. Glen then became a founder of Nova Four.

Glen Wakeman has worked in over six countries and managed businesses in thirty regions worldwide in a career spanning over two decades. That experience in different economies puts Glen at an advantageous position while offering advice to startup businesses.

Wakeman is a business revolutionist who mentors the entrepreneurship spirits in his clients’ staff. He mainly ideas on guidance on new businesses, developing M&As as well as coming up with new methods of doing things. He bases his advice on five key pillars of human capital, leadership, governance, risk management, power and execution in firms.

He has experience in emerging markets, corporate management which makes him a good strategist who offers insightful advice to senior level groups, fort example Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Few corporate managers have developed strategies which apply in diverse situations in recent times as Glen has done.

Glen advises companies and other businesses about different methods of raising capital, viable investment opportunities available and methods of raising business funds from international markets. He inspires people by his investments and writings on fiscal economies and leadership strategies. He normally writes about social media. His articles mainly concentrate on business transformation, emerging markets, global affairs, business transformation, and leadership. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.

Glen has acquired global recognition in his executive career.