Game Changer

In the year 2017 Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, has taken over the investing world by storm. Using the technology of blockchain, buisneess are becoming more decentralized, and offering new safe exchanges. One of the most under rated currencies on the market today is WAX. WAX is a peer to peer decentralized platform that allows the trading of virtual assets, to be safe and secure. Wax solves many problems in the gaming world, and has came out at the perfect time with the rise of virtual reality and advanced gaming. WAX is looking to revolutionize the virtual reality world and with help from their president, Malcolm CasSelle, they can very well do so. Malcolm CasSelle Is the current president of WAX, and CIO of OPSkins, which is the number one place for buying and selling gaming items. Malcolm CasSelle, has many years of experience with start up companies. He was the former president and CTO of Tronc, and CEO of his company timeline. Malcolm CasSelle not only has experience with growing businesses but really understanding the exponential growth of technology, which is why he is a perfect fit for WAX and OPSkind. If you’re a fan of the WAX coin and you’re worried because you’ve seen this before, a guy with a ton of experience and history, but you’re still skeptical about investing, Malcolm CasSelle, not only knows and understand what buisness he’s a part of, but he’s been great at seeing the future of buisness, with great investments in companies like Facebook and Zynga, it’s easy to see that whatever he’s a part of, it succeeds. Malcolm CasSelle has also been great with networking and creating relationships, especially in the gaming world, having advisors like Dave Anthony, creator of “Call Of Duty”, and Ken Cron, who is an excecutive at World of Warcraft. With his team of advisors and founders, Malcolm CasSelle and WAX will change the game, literally.