Freedom Checks is a vialable investment opportunity

In any investment opportunity, there is always some risks. Is the money you put going to turn a profit? Is the company trustworthy? Freedom Checks is a company that is trustworthy and gives the average person, a chance to invest in the stock market. Freedom Checks is a Master Limited Partnership. In Master Limited Partnerships, stock owners buy stock which supplies capital to the company. The stock owner will get dividend payment which is paid monthly or quarterly. These companies do not pay corporate taxes, which is defined by Statue 26-F. To get this tax break, the companies make most of their money in certain industries such as energy and oil. The companies have to pay ninety percent of their earning to investors. This tax benefit means that investors do not have to pay taxes on their dividend earnings. Investors will have to pay taxes if they sell their shares. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


The creator of Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali. Badiali talked about this program has been used for many years by former presidents to build wealth. Also, he talked about how Freedom Checks could help make United States more self sufficient. There are 568 companies that are partnered with Freedom Checks. These companies work in industries such as energy, coal and other natural resources. Baidiali estimates that these companies generate around 34 billion dollars a year. Read this article at

Investors buy small stakes in these companies and receive some of their earnings. The investors can have peace of mind that these companies’ stock is projected to rise. This rise in stock price would make their stocks even more valuable. Badiali talked about their is historical that these companies could see a increase in profits at 6000 to 40,000 percent. recommends investing in five specific Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are San Juan Basin Royalty Trust, Sabine Royalty Trust, CatchMark Timber Trust, SunCoke Energy Partners and Pembina Pipeline. Badiali picks these companies because they are billion dollar companies who deal in natural resources, oil and energy. Master Limited Companies have returns that have much larger returns than most other stocks. Some investors have made a lot of money with Freedom Checks. There are many videos out there showing Freedom Check investors getting huge returns on their investments. Tony and Jessica Rush earned about $1,257,550. Vick Strizheus earned about $2,891,125. Freedom Checks seem to have a wide network of companies. Investors can feel assured that there money will be safe and will turn a profit.