Fortress Investment Group Profited From Sale Of Riverplace Tower In Jacksonville FL

Fortress Investment Group received a tremendous profit from the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida that is located on the St Johns River downtown. The Riverplace Tower is a 28 story tower sitting on the waterfront and has 444,000 square foot of A class space. Fortress Investment Group partnered with Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners to purchase the Riverplace Tower in 2014 for $29 million and the property sold for $53.4 million. Fortress Investment Group has established a reputation for strategically purchasing opportunistic commercial real estate opportunities that generate extremely large returns on investment for its international clients.

Fortress Investment Group created an extremely lucrative windfall with the sale of the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida and provides key insight into the intellectual analysis of commercial real estate opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has grown accustomed to investing in. Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the more respected an opportunistic alternative asset investment firms in the world. They are a global investor in various asset classes including real estate, credit, illiquid credit instruments, private equity and various other alternative asset categories. The company was founded in 1998 in New York City, New York and quickly became known for their risky investments within various underperforming and distressed asset categories. More recently, they have established themselves as shrewd commercial real estate investors by capitalizing on opportunities around the world to create tremendous returns on investment in underperforming assets. The leadership of Wes Edens and Peter Briger both Co-Founders of Fortress Investment Group, the company is transitioning into the future with strong leadership and savvy investment skill sets from its experienced and knowledgeable executive staff.

Fortress Investment Group actively seeks out opportunities to invest in properties similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida. Those similar opportunities are prime for renovation and stabilization in order to generate astronomical returns on investment and relatively short periods of time. The human capital within Fortress Investment Group has created a culture of analysis and evaluation of various asset groups to determine intrinsic value and see past the surface of alternative assets that are distressed or underperforming. The Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund at Fortress Investment Group has established the resources and capital to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves anywhere on the planet. Fortress Investment Groups’ diversified global portfolio has more than $36 billion in assets under management and provides strong returns on investments for it’s over 1750 private investor and institutional clients worldwide.

Fortress Investment Group is currently owned by SoftBank group a global technology investment firm that specializes in internet services, telecommunications, smart robots, and various other forward moving technologies that are establishing the next stage of the information revolution. After the purchase of Fortress Investment Group, the entire executive staff was retained within Fortress in order to provide stability and continuity of their strategies, business approach, and other strategic blueprints to succeed within the alternative asset business. Fortress Investment Group continues to expand and thrive within the alternative asset arena by strategically purchasing assets similar to the Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville Florida where they receive a tremendous return on investment with the purchase, stabilization, and sale of that commercial real estate opportunity.

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