Flavio Maluf Talks About The Brazilian Eucatex Company

Flavio Maluf has served as the Eucatex Chief Executive Officer for many years. Located in Salto Sao Paulo, the Eucatex Company produces paper products. Eucatex also manufactures ceilings and other acoustic wooden fiber plates generated from the Eucalyptus plant.Established in 1951, Eucatex was the first ever Brazilian company to supply home comfort products and still preserve the environment and the ecology.


Being the First ever Brazilian company to go eco-friendly, established customers still prefer the company for its quality tiles, ceiling panels and furniture construction materials. From its development, Eucatex has shown significant commitment in both rental and forestry enterprises. The company also supports other beneficial development products and services like the Environmental Education Program that supports many forestation collaborators and other dedicated forest conservation groups.


The company also sponsors many students in Brazil who pursue Environmental conservation courses. After inheriting the Eucatex, Flavio Maluf started administration transformation of the entire company. Flavio Maluf has been a particularly prominent figure when it comes to export markets and multi-billion profit generation.


In 2014 for example, he was ranked as one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He has proved never seen before entrepreneurship knowledge and skills by uplifting his company business transactions to the international market level. His company now dominates the International building and construction industry.


He graduated from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo FAA. He also studied other separate sources in law, engineering, and business. He spent some time overseas, for example in England where he studied business management and later at the New York University. He was also Chairman of GrandFood Group Companies Inc.


This extensive international business experience has led him to open other separate factories in Botucatu Salto São Paulo. Flavio Maluf is very benevolent and supports charitable trust and volunteer programs of his neighborhood community.


He also donates to the Radio Carli Maternity Hospital where he offers both capital and material resources. Maluf also owns a website where he offers expert entrepreneurial tips to new company leaders. He also gives counsel on how to achieve successful interviews and attain corporate leadership.