Everest Group’s Vinod Gupta Talks About The Evolution Of The Company

Businessman Vinod Gupta is The Managing General Partner of Everest Group. The Everest Group helps companies become profitable, among other services. Gupta loves giving back to his native India. Gupta has helped build multiple schools in India, while also creating fellowship opportunities for students that are interested in studying business and science. Recently, Gupta gave an interview about his career.

Gupta says that while he was working at his job, he was tasked with creating a list of businesses that would be interested in purchasing the company product. Once Gupta realized that there was no list available, Gupta decided to create his own business. Gupta’s first business, The American Business Information, provided a database that businesses could use to look up important information.

Gupta understands that every business is different. Gupta says that Everest Group analyzes each business to figure out why the business is underachieving. Gupta often finds that the problem for many businesses is due to a lack of proper training for their employees. Everest Group also understands the importance of customer service. To support businesses in this regard, Everest Group works with them to create high level customer service centers.

Gupta is proud of the evolution of Everest Group. Database technology is in demand across different platforms. Gupta notes the tech boom that has occurred around the World the last few years. Everest Group helps its clients by creating a database that allows them to search for restaurants, historical landmarks, hotels, and other tourists destinations within a specific region.

Gupta also has his eye on the emergence of artificial intelligence. Gupta predicts that the emergence of artificial intelligence will lead to the market relying on database technology on a global platform. Gupta encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on creating products and services that they feel passionate about.

Q & A with Vinod Gupta, Managing General Partner of Everest Group