Drew Madden: The Force Behind the Success of Nordic and Several other Companies

Drew Madden Stands at a height that many women crave for and which men can’t help but feel jealous. Madden who is a graduate of the famous University of Lowa College of engineering is known to many due to his successful career. He holds a B.S.E in industrial engineering specializing in medical systems. Drew has been in the industry for more than a decade and has worked with several prominent companies a factor that has largely contributed to his exceptional skills. Madden’s journey to success began at Cerner Corporation where he worked for four years creating and bringing forward clinical solutions for in patients. Drew later moved on to Healthia Consulting in 2005 a company which is a subsidiary of Ingenix today, where he performed similar duties as those at Cerner for another four years. In his fifth year at Healthia, he moved up the ladder and took the business development position. Later on, in 2010, Madden moved to Nordic, and that is where his career flourished the most. He took on several roles such as maintenance of client relationships, recruiting and also business development. His time at Nordic saw the company move to greater heights and bag numerous awards such as the KLAS awards for excellence. For instance, due to his impressive skills in implementing significant relationships, he managed to increase the number of client partners from a mere three to 150, and the number of employees went up by more than 100%, from ten to more than seven hundred of them. Something that the owners of the company took note of and gave him the position of president. Thanks to Drew Madden, today the company gets to take home more than 150 million US dollars in a year.

Drew Madden together with other senior partners at Evergreen is currently focused on creating, even more, impact in the society through the provision of better major systems. His experience with Nordic and several other companies which he has worked with, guarantee us that the company will soon take over the epic consultation industry. Evergreen Healthcare specializes in execution and also offers advisory services for multiple EHR platforms. It is also involved in specialized healthcare technology. Through such services, the company which is based in Madison helps members soar their careers to better heights and make the most out of what they do.