David Giertz Highlights the Importance of Social Security for Retirement Planning

Recently, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz highlighted the importance of social security. With over thirty years of experience, David Giertz is presently the President of National Financial Distributors. Apart from this, he holds several other important positions like a very reputed broker with FINRA along with being the president, senior Vice president and director for other nationwide countries. His views, opinions and suggestions carry a lot of weight for all those involved with the financial realm.

In his interview to Wall Street Journal, David pointed out how people are not optimizing their Social Security benefits properly. One big reason for it is that even advisors are not even bringing up the topic in their advisory conversation as evident from a recent survey conducted by his company reported on angel.co. He said that it not only caused people to lose at least hundreds of dollars over the years but also poses a serious risk for financial advisors to lose their clients.

Respected for his expertise in various financial niches including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc, David Giertz has four certifications within the field below his belt. Many clients look up to him for some invaluable advice. In his recent interview, he advised all his fellow finance advisors to start taking about the importance of social security number. He acknowledged that many advisors could be unsure or unaware of the numerous codes and regulations that are attached to these benefits on moneytips.com. But he encouraged them to update themselves as it would benefit both the clients and the advisors alike in the long run. He emphasized that social security was perhaps the most important topic when planning for retirement and despite it was the most misused and misunderstood tool of present times. Maximizing on this benefit can reap long term benefits for both parties.

Source: https://twitter.com/davidgiertz