Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that provides a wide range of financial services to both institutional and individual investors. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas and has office locations in other places such as New York City, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul South Korea. Due to its worldwide presence, Highland Capital Management is able to assist many clients in many parts of the world. What makes the firm among the best in the world is its wide range of products and services. This firm offers assistance such as credit and debt based securities such as collateralized loan obligations. It also provides hedge funds and private equity securities in order to help investors to effectively manage very large sums of money. Individual investors are also among the most common clients as they often look for help managing capital from the firm.

The first type and most common client this firm assists is corporations. There are a number of corporations that are looking to manage high amounts of capital. Highland Capital Management offers assistance to these corporations in the form of asset management. When managing assets for corporations, Highland Capital oversees the securities each company invests in and makes sure that they get the best returns on a regular basis. It also helps oversee any securities that are backed up by debt and credit such as collateralized loan obligations. With its assistance, a number of corporations have been in position to efficiently manage their assets and ensure financial stability.

Another type of client that Highland Capital Management serves is government entities. On a regular basis, Highland Capital offers financial management to a number of local and national government agencies. It helps these public entities manage debt, invest in securities and also ensure that they get the best returns on a regular basis. By helping a number of government entities, Highland Capital has been able to help many governments establish financial stability and fiscal responsibility.

A number of individual investors such as high net worth individuals and pension fund investors also benefit from the offerings from Highland Capital. Those who seek the services from Highland Capital often look to manage their personal assets such as their investment portfolio. This firm helps many people manage large sums of money by monitoring their investment portfolio as well as offering them a number of quality products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. These options have helped a number of private investors grow their capital as well as increase their overall returns.